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Episode 162 is live! This week, we talk with Audrey Boring in Austin, TX.

Audrey is an independent marketing and advertising professional. She began her creative career as a copywriter, setting up her own freelance business in 2010. She has worked with clients such as, International Paper, and St. Louis Children’s Hospital. She also recently spoke at SXSW about “Building the creative career you’re meant to have.”

On today’s episode, Audrey shares:

  • What it’s like to be a freelancer
  • The pros and cons of freelance versus a corporate job
  • How to break into the social media space as a professional
  • How companies are using social media today
  • Tips on switching from a non-creative field to a creative field

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To learn more about Audrey, visit her website at You can also send her an email at

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