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Breaking The Rules & Getting The Job

A Practical Guide to Getting a Job in a Down Market

by Angela Copeland

3d-transparentJust starting your job search, or stuck and not sure which direction to go?  Check out Angela’s book, Breaking The Rules & Getting The Job, for help jump starting your search.

Angela Copeland has career coached job seekers for over 10 years using tried and true real world experience. She’s sharing her advice with you in her book titled Breaking the Rules and Getting the Job.  The book provides practical, useful advice for those looking to improve their job-seeking outcomes. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out, Angela’s book will help you to jump start your job search.

Great news! “Breaking The Rules & Getting The Job” was selected by as a top 10 book to drive your professional success!


While some professional gurus cloak their advice in thick layers of jargon and needless complexity, Copeland tells you up front what you need to know to get ahead. Breaking the Rules is particularly useful for those who want to improve the outcomes of their job searches. It focuses on practical steps you can take to catch the eyes of interviewers and really wow potential employers. If you’re tired of being at the mercy of job boards and unresponsive hiring managers, start here.”

Your book was very informative. I believe I have found my job. I was getting worried but your book helped me calm down. After reading Chapter 10, I feel very confident that when we meet this week to discuss the offer, I will be prepared. Thank you.
–ERIC CORRALEJO, Military Officer to Corporate Professional


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