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Career Coaching Client Testimonials

Curious about what it’s like to work with Angela? Check out the testimonials below from her clients.

“I began working with Angela after I was hired as the Senior Minister at a church in Austin, Texas. Having worked for 15+ years in the government and most recently in a for-profit setting, I had an opportunity to enter into contract negotiations for the first time. A close friend, in the same profession, told me not to ask for anything more than what was offered. However, not asking for more would have negatively impacted my ability to maintain residence near the church. Angela, however, encouraged me to ask for what I needed. She gave me the motivation, positivity, and verbal skills to enter the negotiation process with confidence and a sense of calm. After all was said and done, the hiring committee met me halfway which ended up being $10,000 more than initially offered. Thank you so much Angela for your knowledge, advice, and support during my contract negotiations!”
–Eric G., Senior Minister in Austin, TX

“I took a giant leap of faith in my 50’s, moving from consultative sales into government administration. I had the good fortune to be able to attend one of Angela’s presentations just as I began my job search. The advice she offered that evening proved to be tremendously valuable. She offered detailed advice: what information to include (and not include) on business cards and resumes, the most effective types of email addresses, networking, attire, and interview strategies. And, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a LOT of useless information out there when it comes to career issues, but Angela ‘cuts to the chase’ in a way that’s not overwhelming. Her personal career path is fascinating and inspirational. I believe that career coaching is truly her calling. I would recommend her services to anyone!!”
–Rebecca Good, Legislative Specialist, Shelby County Board of Commissioners

“If you are striving for the next promotion, seeking a new position, or changing to a completely different career path, Angela is just right for you! I was successful in my current position; however, I was looking for more. Angela helped me to hone in on my best skills, listened to my concerns, and strategized with me to get the results I wanted. She advised me on how to revamp my resume, cover letter, and pitch to highlight my talents. She partnered with me to effectively network and connected me with informative interviews to get the ball rolling. Even when I became frustrated or disappointed by not seeing “immediate” results, she continued to encourage and support each step of the way. I soon discovered that she was absolutely correct in everything that she advised! I was able to solidify a new position in a different industry that provided me the compensation, benefits, and life/work balance that I desired. Angela taught me to be patient, clearly target what I want, and go for it!”
–Kim H., Sales and Marketing Professional to District Asset Protection

“Angela is a devoted and talented coach who helped me realize my potential and communicate my strengths and goals. She was extremely helpful in developing a plan of action for my career. Angela’s truly a master of her craft!”
–Jessie Walker, Account Executive at a for-profit moving to Major Gifts Officer at an international non-profit

“Angela helped me career transition from one field to another. She encouraged me to think outside of my comfort zone and try new things. The rewards were significant. I highly recommend her for people who are seeking executive level positions. My experience was very positive.”
–Isaac L., From University Administrator to Corporate Strategist

“Having moved several times in the last few years, I considered myself fairly knowledgeable on how to job hunt. But moving states added an additional level of complication to the search. Angela not only helped me polish up the skills and materials that I’d already been working on, but also helped strategize on the best way to find a job remotely. Angela had creative recommendations that helped me find a job in a crowded field. I went into my interviews feeling both prepared and like I had an extra edge from our in-depth prep. Any job seeker would benefit from her coaching skills!”
–Beka J., Marketer Moving to a New City

“After working as a retail store District Manager for 8 years, I needed to make a change, but I was lost in the steps to take. My pride almost kept me from working with Angela, but I can honestly say it was the best decision I ever made. She is a very kind, understanding person who simply just listened to me and helped steer me in a direction that seemed “right” for me. We not only did a bit of work on my resume, my LinkedIn page, and my cover letter; but she also set up informational interviews between me and a few of her connections within advertising/marketing in Memphis. During these informational interviews, I casually sat and spoke with individuals who explained their work environment, the pros and cons of that environment and they also told me about their position and what they did. Fortunately, I was lucky enough that a few of these individuals liked me and a job interview did result from meeting with them. Even to this day, I am still connected with those individuals and very thankful to have added them to my network. After the interview process, Angela was very helpful in regards to the confidential advice she gave with negotiation, contract agreements and just a really awesome person to ask professional advice from. She was there for me when I wasn’t offered the job and excited for me when I was eventually hired at RedRover Sales and Marketing.”
–Julianne Watt, From Retail Store Manager to Advertising Agency

“Angela is an excellent coach. Her advice, wisdom and experience was very helpful to me. I did not expect to be in the job market, but Angela developed a plan of action that was practical and specific to my needs. She was able to help me throughout my journey and I love my new job! Without her guidance, I very easily could have made some crucial mistakes in my job search. Thank you Angela!”
–Kevin Cochran, Technology professional moving from individual contributor to manager

“What a pleasure–thanks for the time you dedicated to the CT Group meeting on Friday!! The information you shared was beneficial and will be helpful while I’m in career transition and longer term, in my personal and professional life…Your presentation style is sincere and engaging. As the saying goes…”time flies when you’re having fun”. I look forward to talking with you again soon.”
–Cheryl S., Personal Branding Presentation Audience Member

“As a recent graduate, I decided to move to Dallas in order to search for a job. I had previously met Angela in Memphis and she was extremely helpful. Angela was more than willing to introduce me to people in Dallas who proved to be invaluable to my search. Additionally, Angela helped me clean up my resume and create a cover letter that targeted my dream company. Once I scored an interview, she prepared me to answer questions I wasn’t expecting. Not only was she knowledgeable with interview skills, but she was helpful in my negotiation tactics as well. Without her, I don’t think I would have been successful finding a job here in Dallas.”
–Lauren Y., College graduate in Memphis to Junior Media Planner at Ad Agency in Dallas

“I worked with Angela on my search for a sales position after trying on my own unsuccessfully for months. She helped me to update my resume in a way that was more effective in applying for specific jobs, and that helped me refine my personal brand.  She also connected me directly to the recruiter who was hiring for the position I accepted.  Angela’s insight and large business network helped me to quickly land the perfect position. I wish I had only gotten help from her sooner! I recommend Angela to anyone who needs help looking for their next job.”
–August LeVangie, Seasoned sales professional

“I’ve read every job seeker book out there, and spent countless hours doing online research to improve my resume, but nothing helped as much as working with Angela. She guided me through the process really easily, and was so nice! I would recommend working with Angela for anyone who is looking for a job, whether they are new to the job market, or like me, looking to transition to a new career. I was hired at my dream job recently, and the the help I received from Angela definitely played a role my success!”
–Megan Waters, Professional transitioning from for-profit to non-profit

“As a professional who took time off to raise a family, getting back into the workforce while trying to minimize a large gap of unemployment, was going to be a challenge. Narrowing down what I wanted in a new career was also a necessity. Angela not only helped me create a brand for myself, but she improved my resume appearance dramatically by making simple, yet highly effective, revisions. She asked me questions that prompted thought provoking career goals and industry assessments. After repeated, generic resume submissions and getting no responses, she led me on a path of focus and networking. The response to my new resume was immediate. I was offered multiple opportunities. I was employed in less than 2 weeks. Angela not only has the networking know-how and self-marketing guidance, but she has a knowledge of local opportunities that is just top notch.
–Dana Brooks, Stay at home mom transitioning back to full-time employment

“When I first met Angela, I was trying to transition from post-graduate jobs to finding the right path for my career. Angela worked with me to find my niche and how to best market my skills. I honestly would not have made as much progress without her expertise and knowledge. Her network is extensive and her clients definitely receive the benefits. Thank you, Angela!
–Brittany Tuggle, Recent college graduate

“Your book was very informative. I believe I have found My job (we have been flirting for almost 2 months) I was getting worried but your book helped me calm down. After reading Chapter 10 I feel very confident that when we meet this week to discuss the Offer I will be prepared, Thank you.
–Eric Corralejo, Former military officer transitioning to corporate work world

“Copeland Coaching works with each of our job seekers and provides actionable advice for the job search process. These customized services have become an integral part of Volunteer Odyssey.”
–Sarah Petschonek, President and CEO of Volunteer Odyssey
, October 2013

“I had the pleasure of working with Angela while taking part in Volunteer Odyssey. With her assistance, I grew confident in my interview skills as well as how I am represented on my resume. She is one of a kind and is great at articulating what employers are looking for in a potential employee. I highly recommend Angela for any of your job seeking needs!
–Lindsay Weaver, Non-profit professional

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