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The Grey Ceiling: Beating Ageism

My latest Memphis Daily News column is out, “The Grey Ceiling: Beating Ageism.” In it, I give tips on looking for a job if you’re feeling worried about how your age may impact your search.

The unfortunate truth of today’s job searching climate is that applying for jobs is competitive – very competitive. Employers can be picky about who they hire and how much they’re willing to pay. For many job seekers over 50, the search process is a longer, harder road than they remember from years past.

Many companies view an older employee as a big risk. They’re typically more expensive, and more likely to quit since they’re creeping up on retirement. An older applicant may be looked at as less flexible, and behind the times when it comes to technology.

To read my entire article, and learn about how you can beat ageism in your job search, visit the Memphis Daily News site here.