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Below are a number of guest columns, television interviews, and articles our founder, Angela Copeland, was quoted in on various topics including job coaching, career coaching, resume writing, and interview preparation. For press and media inquires for Angela, please contact us by e-mail at Press(at)CopelandCoaching(dot)com. media-strip-20160712-bw-cropped Check out Angela’s press below. This includes radio and podcast interviews, and quotes in online and print publications. Looking for Angela’s weekly Career Corner column? You can read all of Angela’s columns here. Looking for Angela’s TV interviews? You can view all of Angela’s TV interviews here.


The ultimate guide to working remotely forever, Boston Harold (web) – If the thought of returning to your physical workplace unsettles you, this guide is for you.

Hoping to keep working remotely? Here’s how to convince your boss, Los Angeles Times (web) – If you’re hoping to continue working remotely indefinitely, it’s important to express your wishes transparently, experts say.

The ultimate guide to work from home always, Los Angles Times (web) – If you are hoping to work from home indefinitely, this is the guide for you.

How to build new career skills without breaking the bank, Los Angeles Times (web) – Want to grow skills that will help you enter a new career? Don’t start by quitting your job and going back to school. Try these routes instead.

Want to switch careers? How to know what you’re qualified to do, Los Angeles Times (web) – Burnout has been widespread during the pandemic, and a recent study by Microsoft found that 41% of workers are thinking about leaving their jobs this year.


Want to work remotely forever? Here’s how to negotiate for it, Los Angeles Times (web) – Are you worried about returning to the office? Do you have family commitments that require you to be home during the day? Do you simply prefer working from home? If so, you’re not alone.


How to diversity the applicant pool and better evaluate fit, Business Insider (web) – Angela shares her tips on diversifying your workforce.

JUNE 2020

The best questions to ask at the end of every job interview, Business Insider (web) – Remember: Every interview is a two-way street. You should be interviewing the employer just as much as they’re interviewing you. You both need to walk away convinced that the job would be a great fit.

Career coach offers advice to recent college graduates, WKRN News 2 (video) — Angela Copeland is a career expert who spends her day coaching job seekers. ​She relates to the class of 2020 as she faced the same bleak job landscape during the great recession of 2008.​

APRIL 2020

Live at 9: Job seeking tips, taking care of yourself during the pandemic, WREG News Channel 3 (video) – Angela Copeland has some tips when it comes to looking for a new job during the outbreak.

MARCH 2020

What to write in a cover letter, according to career experts, (web) – So, you’re applying for a new job. You’ve got your resume nailed — but what about your cover letter?


11 expert tips to help you write a stronger resume, (web) – These simple guidelines will help your resume stand out from the pack.


Best Websites for 2020 Job Search, Career Sherpa (web) – Copeland Coaching Podcast named as a top resource for your 2020 job search.


Top 100 HR and Recruiting Podcasts, Select Software (web) – More and more of the smartest people in the HR industry are sharing their best practices through insightful interviews via podcasts.

JULY 2019

How to Show Culture Fit in an Interview, Yahoo Finance (web) – Ask a hiring manager which top qualities they’re looking for in candidates, and culture fit is bound to be up there.

JUNE 2019

Just out of college, Indeed (video) – Just out of college and wondering if you should use your parents in your job search? Here are Angela’s tips.

MAY 2019

13 Must-Have Words to Include In Your Resume, (web) – Steer clear of overused clichés. Misspelled words are immediate grounds for denial. Words like “rockstar” and “synergy” are so 2015.

Ask The Experts –, Facebook Live (video) – Angela answers job seeker questions along with Sarah Todd of Quartz, Indeed CEO, Chris Hyams, and Jim Stroud, VP North American Product Evangelist, ClickIQ.

APRIL 2019

How to Get a Mentor, Thrive Global (web) – It’s common knowledge: Mentors are important to our career success.

MARCH 2019

Copeland Coaching Podcast Makes Top Career Podcast List, Mac’s List (web) – Mac’s List has named the Copeland Coaching Podcast as one of the top career podcasts to listen to in 2019.

Inside the FedEx voluntary buyout offer: Is it sweet enough?, Daily Memphian (web) – It’s soul-searching and number-crunching time for a select group of FedEx veterans who are in the sweet spot of a voluntary buyout program.


Jobs in College: Pros and Cons, (web) – College brings about many milestones: new friends, more freedom, and grown-up choices. Among those choices is whether or not you’ll earn a paycheck, and what type of job you’ll pursue.


Top 10 Podcasts for Job Seekers, Jobscan (award) – Copeland Coaching Podcast named a top 10 podcast for job seekers in 2019.

Copeland Coaching named a Top Career Advice Website, Career Metis (award) – Copeland Coaching is recognized as a top career resource for job seekers.

Your 2019 Job Search, Wreg News Channel 3 (video) – Just last month, the labor department said more than 300,000 jobs were added right here in the U.S. That means if you’re looking for a job, now is the time to seize the moment. Angela Copeland stopped by to talk about what you can expect in your job search for 2019.

31 Tips for Your 2019 Job Search (from the pros), Career Sherpa (web) – If you plan on looking for a new job in 2019, then you’ll want to pay attention to the tips from these 31 career pros! They’ll help you launch and execute an effective 2019 job search.


8 Tips for How to Get Along with Coworkers, LiveCareer (author) – Figuring out how to get along with coworkers can be hard. You don’t need to be best friends with the people you work with, but you do need to find ways to develop a productive working relationship with the people on your team.

Why you should never include a photo of yourself on your resume, Money Magazine (web) – The art of creating the perfect, attention-grabbing, professional resume is a difficult one to master.

Top 10 Resume Services, Find My Profession (web) – Copeland Coaching named as a top 10 resume service provider.

7 Essential Skills for Today’s Job Market, LiveCareer (author) – Looking for a job can be both challenging and very rewarding.


15 words and phrases to never include in a cover letter, NBC News (web) – Take this expert advice to craft the best cover letter possible and let your personality, not robotic prose, shine through.

Want an office transfer? Follow these steps., Fast Company (web) – Maybe your current location doesn’t quite gel with your personality. Maybe you want to be closer to family.

15 Words and Phrases to Never Include in a Cover Letter, Glassdoor (web) – While many job applications have the word “optional” next to the field that asks for a cover letter, it shouldn’t be overlooked.

7 signs you’re underpaid – and how to earn more, Student Loan Hero (web) – Accepting less money than you’re worth has serious repercussions. As career coach Angela Copeland explains, “Being chronically underpaid is a serious problem.

8 Ineffective Interview Practices and How to Avoid Them, LiveCareer (author) – We can all agree. Job interviews can be pretty stressful, and when we’re facing stressful situations, it isn’t always easy to make perfect decisions.

6 Resume Writing Tips to Write a Stand-out Resume, LiveCareer (author) – Let’s be honest. For most people, resume writing isn’t synonymous with fun.


6 Resume Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs, Glassdoor (web) – We’ve rounded up a few of the most common resume errors that prevent you from moving onto the next round, as well as solutions for how to fix them.

Personal Skills vs. Professional Skills: What’s the Difference, LiveCareer (author) – Most jobseekers wish they could unlock a magic formula for winning over employers.

Resume Branding Statement: Tips for Jobseekers, LiveCarer (author) – Today’s most successful resumes establish a personal brand that is relevant to targeted employers through a resume branding statement.


6 signs that they are not paying you enough (and how to start earning more), Entrepreneur (web) – Accepting less money than you deserve has serious repercussions for your career.

Indeed Job Market, Indeed (web) – Angela attended the Indeed Job Market in Austin, Texas to answer job seeker questions. Here’s a video of Angela during the Indeed Job Market.

Don’t Set Too Many Goals – Condense Your List with Angela Copeland, Tough Decisions Podcast (podcast) – Listen as Angela shares her journey from the corporate world to starting a coaching business and the tough decisions she had to face from that entrepreneurial leap.

Career coaching give away, Face The Truth TV (video) – Angela’s career coaching services are presented to a guest on national TV show Face The Truth.

How to Ask Someone to Be Your Mentor, Glassdoor (web) – There’s no doubt that a great mentor can be invaluable to your career — after all, mentors are able to provide you with insightful feedback, introduce you to important connections and maybe even help you find your dream job.

How to Get Promoted: 10 Strategies for Moving Up the Corporate Ladder, LiveCareer (author) – Ever wonder how everyone else keeps getting promoted, but you keep being left behind? You don’t have to wonder any longer.

How to Showcase Your Soft Skills in a Cover Letter, LiveCareer (author) – That hard fact is that soft skills are often what will get you the job. The smartest and most talented jobseekers around will lose the job to another candidate if they’re missing one critical element: soft skills.

Labor Day: Searching for Jobs, Local Memphis & KOCO OKC (video) – If you’re thinking of a looking for a new job, this is a great time to search.


7 Signs You’re Underpaid — And How to Earn More Now, Glassdoor (web) – Accepting less money than you’re worth has serious repercussions.

Best Podcasts for Job Seekers, Journal Media (web) – Need a better job? Need any job? These podcasts for job seekers will help you climb that corporate ladder faster than ever before.

How to look for a job after running your own business, LiveCareer (author) – You only need to watch a single episode of Shark Tank to understand how many Americans dream of owning their own business.

How to make a resume ATS-friendly, LiveCareer (author) – Applying online often involves uploading your resume to what’s called an applicant tracking system, or ATS.

JULY 2018

Monday Update, Paul Ryburn’s Blog (web) – Copeland Coaching nails it with Angela’s latest post about the open office.

How To Make Yourself More Employable On Social Media While Still Being 100% Yourself, Girlboss (web) – Looking for a job can be an intimidating process.

JUNE 2018

12 Creative Ways To Elevate a Boring Networking Pitch, Forbes (web) – Everyone knows how important networking is to professional growth.

MAY 2018

8 Great Podcasts for Job Seekers, FlexJobs (web) – The Copeland Coaching Podcast was selected by FlexJobs as one of the top 8 podcasts for job seekers.

The Top Reasons You’re Not Hearing Back After Sending Dozens of Job Applications, Glassdoor (web) – Unfortunately, rejection is an unavoidable aspect of the job search.

Creative Onboarding Strategies To Set Your New Hire Up For Success, Forbes (web) – When it comes to building a great team, the hiring process is only half the battle.

Interviewing 101: Salary Disclosure, WREG News Channel 3 (video) – A new trend in employment law is trying to close the gender gap in salaries. Close to a dozen states or cities have made it illegal for employers to ask job applicants how much they make it in their current job. None of the Mid-South states have made this move, but should applicants here feel safe dodging that question?

How to Turn Classroom Experience Into Work Experience In a Resume, Live Career (author) – As a recent graduate, you may not have a lot of professional experience to speak of, so how should you handle the work experience section of your recent graduate resume?

Presentation Advice from the Top Career Experts, Adrienne Johnston (web) – We all know that our ability to convey our message and inspire others is essential to the success of our ideas and careers.

19 Tips for Making a Great Impression at Your New Job, Live Career (author) – You know the importance of a first impression. As a job-seeker, first impressions were very valuable.

APRIL 2018

Finding that perfect job, WREG News Channel 3 (video) – Angela Copeland with Copeland Coaching provides insight on how you can prepare for the big interview.

No Experience? Here’s the Perfect Resume, Live Career (author) – Don’t let lack of experience discourage you from applying for the job you want!

5 Common Accounting Interview Questions, Live Career (author) – While your resume can get your foot in the door for an interview, it’s the in-person conversation that will make or break you as a candidate for an accounting position.

Describe Some of the Toughest Situations You’ve Faced in this Job, Live Career (author) – Get the lowdown on how to answer an interviewee question like “What is the most difficult situation you’ve faced?”

Are You Willing to Travel for the Job, Live Career (author) – “Are you willing to travel?” is a common question, one you may encounter on your next job interview.

How to Leave Your Dead-End Job, Live Career (author) – Have you ever thought your job wasn’t for you? Perhaps the position worked for you — for awhile.

How to Write a Student Resume, Live Career (author) – Writing a resume can be a daunting task. It may seem even harder for students, who often have very limited work experience.

Job Ideas for Teens 15 and Younger: Businesses Beyond Babysitting and Lemonade Stands, Live Career (author) – Okay, you’re somewhere between having an old-fashioned neighborhood lemonade stand and working at a real job.

How to Explain a Layoff, Live Career (author) – In today’s dynamic job market, layoffs, while devastating, are commonplace.

How to Get That Next Job, The Ultimate Leadership Podcast (podcast) – Angela joined Chris Cebollero on his show to talk about interviewing, networking, and your resume.

Last Word: Play Ball, Porch & Parlor and A New Bus System, The Memphis Daily News (web) – Angela’s column about her first year experience at SXSW was mentioned in Bill Dries’ piece.

NAB Show Wednesday: Much Ado About Podcasting, Allow Access (web) – The Copeland Coaching Podcast was critiqued on stage in front of a live audience at the National Association of Broadcasters Show in Las Vegas.

The Podcast Aircheck, NAB Show (web) – The Copeland Coaching Podcast was critiqued in front of a live audience at the NAB Show in Las Vegas.

Top Career Podcasts Guide, Mac’s List (web) – The Copeland Coaching Podcast was selected as one of the top career podcasts in 2018.

MARCH 2018

How to Evaluate Multiple Job Offers, Louisiana job Connection (web) – When you started your job search you may have been expecting to aim for a particular job and hoping for the best.

Relight Your Spark: 15 Ways To Renew Motivation At A Long-Term Job, Forbes (web) – In today’s world of job hoppers and contract gigs, it’s rare to find someone who sticks with one employer for most of their career.

How to Manage Your Job Search and Negotiate Salary, To Market Podcast (podcast) – Career coach, author, and TEDx speaker Angela Copeland joins Scott Davis to discuss career management. Angela and Scott discuss managing your social networks during a job search, negotiating your salary, changing careers, and looking for work after graduation.

This Is What An A+ LinkedIn Summary Looks Like, Girlboss (web) – Your LinkedIn profile is one of the first things that comes up when someone Googles you. Here’s how to separate yourself from the clamoring masses in your LinkedIn summary.

Know Your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator? Use Your Results To Your Advantage, Forbes (web) – Although you may already know which of these tendencies you possess, a formal analysis through the Myers-Briggs system can uncover insights about your personality and habits that you didn’t realize before.


Best Podcasts to Boost Your Career, Career Tree (web) – The Copeland Coaching Podcast was selected as one of the top 8 podcasts to boost your career.

10 Career Experts Share Their #1 Piece of Job Search Advice, The Montley Fool (web) – While all of the people sharing job search advice like this are well-meaning, they’re usually not career connoisseurs — just friends and family who want to help you out. As a result, the quality of their advice is sometimes suspect.

10 Career Experts Share Their #1 Piece of Job Search Advice, Glassdoor (web) – Once you announce that you’re looking for a new gig, unsolicited job search advice is inescapable: “Video resumes are the future!” “Go back to school!”

Six Key Things To Remember When Using Analytics For Team Performance, Forbes (web) – From customer chat bots to virtual assistants, it seems that artificial intelligence is everywhere in the business world today.


Want To Know The DNA Of A Great Resume? Here’s One We Prepared Earlier, Girlboss (web) – For the last decade or so, much ink has been spilled about the impending death of the resume. Yet here we are, well past “the future” as depicted in Back To The Future Part II, and the piece of paper abides.

How to Manage Your Job Search, To Market (podcast) – Do you want to keep your job search private or need help negotiating salary? Listen to How to Manage Your Job Search and Negotiate Salary with Angela Copeland from To Market with Scott Davis in Podcasts.

Hunting for that perfect job, WREG News Channel 3 (video) – A new year brings new trends in employment. Angela Copeland, a long-time career coach and founder of Copeland Coaching, shares what job seekers can expect when looking for a job in 2018.

15 Best Ways To Build A Company Culture That Thrives, Forbes (web) – Corporate culture can define a business and make all the difference when it comes to retaining employees and keeping them happy.

Angela Copeland, Founder of Copeland Coaching, the Emotionally Intelligent Recruiter (podcast) – Angela breaks down the many ways that candidates face emotional challenges when job hunting. She also explains ways in which recruiters and HR Reps can mitigate some of the emotional tolls.

4 Online Side Jobs That Pay More Than $15 an Hour, Student Loan Hero (web) – If you’re thinking of taking on a side job, you’re not alone. Although the idea of a second job is nothing new, the “platform economy” of online business and commerce has made it a lot easier.

What To Expect If You’re Hiring Or Looking For Work In 2018, Forbes (author) – Last year was an exciting time to find a new job. Despite natural disasters and political changes, the U.S. added over 1.9 million new jobs. This year stands to be another year of change.

The Ultimate Layoff Survival Guide, Magnify Money (web) – If you’re newly unemployed and not sure how to move forward, this ultimate layoff survival kit is for you. Here’s everything you need to know about weathering the storm.

Dear Hiring Managers: These 10 Behaviors are Scaring Off Your Interviewees, Ivy Exec (web) – The fact is, the interview process — and hiring managers themselves — can scare away good candidates.


How to answer 4 of the most common interview questions, CNBC (web) – As the new you looks for a new job in the new year, preparation cannot be overstated.

Dear Hiring Managers: These 10 Behaviors Are Scaring Your Interviewees Off, FairyGodBoss (web) – Here are 10 mistakes bad hiring managers make, according to the experts.

Make the Most of the Holidays to Help Your Job Search, CityCurrent (web) – This time of year can be tough when it comes to searching for a job.

Top Job Search Articles of 2017, Job Mob (web) – Every December, Job Mob reaches out to dozens of job bloggers for their top job search-related articles.

Job Seekers Want to Keep Their Job Search to Themselves, SHRM (web) – Looking for a new job is a clandestine affair, according to research conducted by Indeed, the world’s largest job search engine.

New Microsoft Word Resume Tool Recommends LinkedIn Job Postings, SHRM (web) – Employers will be able to get their open positions in front of job seekers earlier in their search after a recently announced integration between LinkedIn and Microsoft Word.


Angela Copeland, Twelve Minute Conversations (audio) – Angela was interviewed by Engel Jones for his 12 minute podcast series.

Copeland Coaching, CityCurrent Radio Show (audio) – Angela Copeland has coached job seekers for over 10 years, and is the founder of her coaching practice, Copeland Coaching.


Should You Include Hobbies in Your Resume?, Live Career (author) – A resume is often the most important factor in deciding whether or not you will get the opportunity to interview for a job.

How to answer the interview question, “Tell me about a time when you disagreed with your boss”, CNBC (web) – Being able to articulate how you handle conflict in the workplace can make or break your shot at impressing an employer.

How to move between nonprofits and for-profit companies, Monster (web) – Suppose you’re in the middle of your career as an HR professional at a non profit. Seems like snagging a corporate HR gig might be a piece of cake, right? Not exactly.

LinkedIn Unveils New Product Offering: LinkedIn Talent Insights, Forbes (author) – The future of hiring is all about one thing: data.

Job Searching On LinkedIn? 15 Tips You Should Know, Forbes (web) – With the Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reporting that there are currently 6.1 million job openings in the U.S., one would think that finding a job would be a simple process.

How to answer the interview question, “How do you handle pressure?”, CNBC (web) – During an interview, the pressure is on.

11 Ways Internal Coaching Or Peer-To-Peer Mentorships Can Help, Forbes (web) – Your company has a host of strong performers with good skills, as well as a number of experts in streamlining processes or tackling difficult problems.

How to Include Your Activities & Interests in Your Resume, LiveCareer (author) – In a highly competitive job market, job applicants need to go the extra mile in making sure their resumes shine.

Interviewing Accomplishment Samples, LiveCareer (author) – Highlighting your accomplishments is an important part of every job interview.

How to answer the interview question, ‘What are your career goals?’, CNBC (web) – When you have your short-term sights set on a job you are interviewing for, it can be disorienting to be asked about your vision for the future.

Nine Advantages Of Developing Your Own Professional Portfolio, Forbes (web) – Professional portfolios are a fantastic way to highlight your successes as well as demonstrate your ability to grow.

Interview Accomplishment Samples, Live Career (author) – Highlighting your accomplishments is an important part of every job interview. The accomplishments you state during your interview will often take center stage and help increase your chances of landing the job.

How Would You Weigh A Plane Without Scales, Live Career (author) – Some interview questions are meant to test your creativity and see how you respond to brainteasers.

How to answer the interview question, ‘What makes you uncomfortable?’, CNBC (web) – If a hiring manager asks you, “What makes you uncomfortable?” in an interview, it can be tempting to respond, “This question.”


Executive Presence: Best Practices for Grooming the Next Generation of Leaders, HR Professionals (web) – “I will never forget… I was 18 years old and ready to set the world on fire…”

Interview: Angela Copeland, Millennial Reboot (audio) – Angela joins the Millennial Reboot podcast to share advice on ways to stand out, overcome fears of not perfectly meeting job descriptions, and focus on what really matters: relationship building.

15 Perks That Benefit Both Employees And Your Company, Forbes (web) – Company perks and benefits can make all the difference for employees, especially creative or particularly valuable ones.

What Can You Offer Us That Someone Else Cannot?, Live Career (author) – When an interviewer asks you what you have to offer that no one else does, don’t panic. It’s not a test.

How to Ask for an Office Transfer, Glassdoor (web) – Maybe your current location doesn’t quite gel with your personality.

The 10 Best Interview Questions to Ask Candidates, (web) – Here are the 10 best interview questions to ask your candidates, according to some of our favorite experts:

7 Tricks to Transform Your Personal Brand After Unemployment, Glassdoor (web) – If you’re unemployed, your number one focus is probably on finding a job.

Angela Copeland, Your Working Life Podcast (audio) – Caroline Dowd-Higgins interviews Angela about networking and other career tips to help you get a job.


Hiring STEM Talent? 14 Ways To Sway Them From Your Bigger Competitors, Forbes (web) – STEM – the commonly used acronym for science, technology, engineering and mathematics – accounts for some of the fiercest competition in today’s job market.

Want Diversity? 15 Recruiting Tactics To Attract A Wider Range Of Candidates, Forbes (web) – Want Diversity? 15 Recruiting Tactics To Attract A Wider Range Of Candidates

Top 100 Career Development Blogs & Websites, (web) – Copeland Coaching named a top 100 career development website

Looking Ahead: What’s Next For Job Seekers On LinkedIn?, Forbes (web) – LinkedIn remains the go-to site for companies and individuals to build their brand.

Barriers Millennials face entering the workforce, Alpha Gamma (web) – Entering the workforce can be a daunting and intimidating experience for anyone. Even more so for Millennials, as the requirements for jobs, today are much higher.

Skills, Traits and Qualities That Are Great to Have on Your Resume Now, (web) – In today’s ever-evolving career landscape, it can be tough to know exactly what employers are looking for.

9 Ways to Boost Your Productivity Today, (web) – How do you keep yourself – and your team – operating at maximum productivity?

The Next Step After a Bad First Impression at Work, The Wall Street Journal (web) – It’s a moment few can avoid: You meet someone you want to impress but wind up starting with a glaring faux pas.

How to Adult for the First Time: The Essential Money Guide, Student Loan Hero (web) – One of the most stressful parts about transitioning to adulthood is the sheer number of things you have to remember.

How Google’s AI-Powered Job Search Will Impact Companies And Job Seekers, Forbes (web) – In mid-June, Google announced the implementation of an AI-powered search function aimed at connecting job seekers with jobs by sorting through posted recruitment information.

Get That Job with Angela Copeland, Productivity Podcast (audio) – This conversation dives into how to make career changes as productive as possible.

6 smart questions you’re probably forgetting to ask in a job interview, Business Insider (web) – It’s crucial to ask questions during job interviews.

Is it Still Possible to Get Hired After Being Rejected, Glassdoor (web) – You applied to the job. You passed all three rounds of interviews with flying colors.

Three Rules To Break During Your Job Search, Forbes (guest post) – The modern job market presents new challenges every day. I’ve been there, and I can relate.

33 best career blogs for women, Beauty Pros (web) – We’ve picked 33 of the best career, leadership, and entrepreneurship blogs, many of which are run by successful women.

5 key phrases your resume is probably missing, Business Insider (web) – When it comes to résumés, there aren’t any magic words that will automatically catch a hiring manager’s eye.

Half of the highest-paying jobs in America now require this skill, Marketwatch (web) – If terms like SQL, Python and JavaScript aren’t on your radar, employers may not be interested in hiring you.

15 Tips for Finding a Job at Each Stage In Your Career, Glassdoor (web) – Your career is a constant march forward. From one year to the next, you consistently learn, grow, and change.

JULY 2017

9 Skills You Need to Master Before You Become a Manager, Glassdoor (web) – There’s no doubt that being a manager has its perks — increased prestige, recognition from upper management, and a higher paycheck among them.

The digital age of hiring, Wreg (web) – McDonald’s is hiring 250,000 new employees this summer with the help of Snapchat.

Employers Are Using Snapchat to Reach Generation Z, Society for Human Resource Management (web) – After just four weeks of running a series of ads that prompted Snapchat users to swipe to the McDonald’s careers page, the fast food chain has received 35 percent more job applications as compared to this time last year, according to Jez Langhorn, the senior director in human resources at McDonald’s USA, in Oak Brook, Ill.

Tech Jobs Tour, (web) – Angela will be participating in the Tech Jobs Tour as a mentor.

9 Things You Need to Stop Doing if You Want to Be Taken Seriously, Glassdoor (web) – Want to be known as a rockstar around your office? Here’s a tip: to really earn a stellar reputation, you can’t just do your individual tasks well.

Usual Suspects Permeate 2017 Top Employer Rankings, SHRM (web) – It has become something of an aspirational refrain in the business world: Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google. The ubiquitous tech juggernauts dominate the rankings of the most attractive companies for job seekers.

Best Industry Transition Articles Of The Week For PhDs, (web) – Angela’s column “On The Job Hunt, Always Question The Hiring Manager” selected as a top transition article.

Breaking the Rules to Find Your Perfect Job, (web) – In your career, things don’t always work out the way you plan them to.

Everything you need to nail your informational interview, CNBC (web) – You may not have been on one (or even heard the term before), but an informational interview can be your ace in the hole during the job seeking process.

JUNE 2017

Career Author Gives TEDx Talk on Career Interference, PRWeb (web) – Copeland, the founder of Copeland Coaching, shared her inspiring career journey. Her TEDx Talk, titled “How I broke the rules & found my perfect job,” shares her story of not waiting for permission and a little obsession Copeland developed along the way.

How I broke the rules & found my perfect job, TEDx YouTube Channel (web) – In today’s job market, we’re told to follow the rules. Staying at a job for 30 years was the “responsible” thing to do. But, times have changed, and taking big risks can result in great career rewards.

How I Broke The Rules & Found My Perfect Job, (guest post) – Have you ever had a tough time finding a job? I can relate. This is my story of overcoming a difficult situation, in a down market, at a rough time in our country’s history.

Everything You Need to Nail Your Informational Interview (and Score Your Dream Job!), (web) – You may not have been on one (or even heard the term before), but an informational interview can be your ace in the hole during the job seeking process.

Supercharge Your Search With These 11 Free Job-Hunting Apps, Go Banking Rates (web) – Job hunting is a full-time job. Luckily, you no longer need to run out to buy every Sunday newspaper to scour the classified ads or endlessly stare at websites on your computer screen in search of job leads.

Digital Airwaves Signal Growing PR Trend: 100+ Rising Popular Podcasts Accepting New Guests, Huffington Post (web) – Podcasting. It’s a popular and growing trend in PR with many influencers positioning the digital airwaves as the wave of the future.

Top Career Podcasts of 2017, Mac’s List (web) – The Copeland Coaching Podcast was selected as a Top Career Podcast of 2017 by Mac’s List.

Career Author Gives TEDx Talk on Career Interference, Broadway World (web) – If you’re struggling to find a job in today’s market, Angela Copeland can relate. Copeland was midway through a pricey college degree in computer and systems engineering in 2000 when the dot-com crash happened.


Got A Micromanager Boss? Take These Four Steps Now, Fast Company (web) – It’s actually possible to thrive with a boss who likes to micromanage.

How to Thrive Under a Micromanager, (web) – I once had a boss who, though he appeared to be laid-back and less intrusive, would often showcase his true micro management self when I would turn in copy or blog posts.

13 words you should include on your résumé, Business Insider (web) – We’ve all read about what not to include in a résumé.

13 Must-Have Words to Include In Your Resume, (web) – Steer clear of overused clichés. Misspelled words are immediate grounds for denial. Words like “rockstar” and “synergy” are so 2015.

15 phrases never to include in a cover letter, Business Insider (web) – While many job applications have the word “optional” next to the field that asks for a cover letter, it shouldn’t be overlooked.

15 Words and Phrases to Never Include in a Cover Letter, (web) – While many job applications have the word “optional” next to the field that asks for a cover letter, it shouldn’t be overlooked.

How To Answer 8 Interview Questions You Should Never Be Asked In the First Place, Fast Company (web) – Not every hiring manager knows which questions are off limits. Here’s how to answer them with tact and finesse.

6 inappropriate job interview questions and how to answer them, BusinessTech (web) – As if the interview process wasn’t anxiety-ridden enough, job seekers must stay vigilant for the occasional inappropriate question.

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Business School Shifts Your Career Into High Gear, Pepperdine University (web) – When professionals make the move to go to business school, they often have big plans for the future. After all, you’re investing a lot of time, energy and financial resources into the program. It ought to be for a good reason, right?

Improving Your Luck, Local 24 Memphis (video) – Joy Lambert from ABC Local 24 Memphis interviews Angela Copeland of Copeland Coaching about how to improve your job searching luck this St. Patrick’s Day

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Memphis To Moore Update, Local 24 News (video), Sean Parker of Local 24 interviews Angela Copeland regarding the status of Moore, Oklahoma’s recovery efforts after the May 2013 tornado.

South Main Recycles, Local 24 News (video), Sean Parker of Local 24 interviews Angela Copeland and Bob Lundy about the South Main Recycles project.  Angela, Bob, and Sharon Leicham started a grassroots effort that has raised enough money for two years of funding for recycling bins in this downtown Memphis neighborhood.

Unemployed learn resume building, branding skills, WMC-TV (video) – Several companies have layoffs in the past few months, leaving people of all experience levels suddenly looking for work. But the jobs are not necessarily out there, which means the unemployed are having to work harder to get their resumes noticed. 10 Steps To Career Professionalism, Caissa Public Strategy – 21 Words Blog (web) – In today’s competitive work environment, your reputation matters more than ever.  Employees no longer retire from a job after 30 years of service with a great pension and excellent healthcare.

Tues. Update: Career Coaching, Paul Ryburn (web) – If you’ve ever wondered what a career coach can do for you, check out this interview on Action News 5. My friend Angela Copeland talked about her coaching service. I was just talking to her the other day about some of the consulting she does, and believe me, if you want to jump-start your career, you should talk to her.

“An Education That Works” Radio Interview, Victory University on KWAM 990 with Kenneth Kinney (audio) – Guests were Alex Matlock and Brian Lowe from Contigo Creative and Angela Copeland from Copeland Coaching. Topics include career advice, interview tips, and the Memphis Multicultural Job Fair.

Angela Copeland, MBA 05, Pepperdine University (web) – Angela is competing in the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest to win $25,000. The winner is determined by online vote, and people can vote once a day. Cast your vote for Angela today.

Interviewing Tips, WMC-TV (video) – Career Coach Angela Copeland talks with Kontji Anthony about interview tips, what’s changed in the job seeking process, and her e-book, Breaking The Rules & Getting The Job.

Wednesday Update: Vote for Copeland Coaching, Paul Ryburn (web) – I’ve been forgetting to ask my readers to vote for Copeland Coaching to receive a $25,000 small business grant. New Year’s Resolution to Find a Job, Lipscomb & Pitts Breakfast Club Radio Show with Jeremy Park (audio) – Guests this week were Hardy Farrow with Gestalt Community Schools, Angela Copeland with Copeland Coaching, and Brian Stephens with Caissa Public Strategy.

Finding a New Job in 2014, My Fox Memphis (video) – Career coach Angela Copeland discusses tips to fulfill your New Year’s resolution to find a new job.

Friday Update: Career Advice, Paul Ryburn’s Journal (web) – My friend Angela Copeland, CEO of Copeland Coaching, has a new article on the Daily News site: A New Year, A New You. Great advice on a career cleanup to get yourself looking great to prospective employers. You can follow her at @CopelandCoach on Twitter, where she has been posting some fantastic job leads at some of Memphis’ best companies.

A New Resource for Job Seekers in a Down Economy, (PDF) – Angela Copeland launches Copeland Coaching, offering expert advice and solutions Copeland Coaching offering web-based job hunting services, Commercial Appeal (web) -Entrepreneur Angela Copeland has launched Copeland Coaching, a career counseling and training firm that offers services including interviewing, negotiating and networking.

Copeland Launches Career-Coaching Venture, Memphis Daily News (web) – Memphian Angela Copeland is launching a career-coaching practice called Copeland Coaching.

Copeland Coaching Launches, Paul Ryburn’s Journal (web) – My good friend Angela Copeland is launching her new business, Copeland Coaching.

Winners named in MBJ’s 15th Annual Top 40 Under 40 Awards, Memphis Business Journal (web) – Angela named to Memphis Business Journal’s Top 40 Under 40

Pepperdine Pair Pitch Employers, Graziadio Business Connection (PDF) – Angela received recognition for her own creative job search Memphians donate delivery for Moore gym equipment, My Fox Memphis (web) – Angela helped raise $34,000 to rebuild the schools in her hometown

From Memphis To Moore… Rebuilding Schools in the Tornado Ravaged Town, WREG News Channel 3 (web) – Angela raises money for the schools in Moore, Oklahoma