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173 | Finding Your Purpose | Dr. Prasad Kaipa, CEO Coach & Advisor, San Francisco, CA

Episode 173 is live! This week, we talk with Dr. Prasad Kaipa in San Francisco, CA.

Prasad a CEO Coach and Advisor. He’s also the author of the book From Smart To Wise. His lifelong passion has been to ignite the genius within. He’s also taught executive education for academic institutions, including USC, Dartmouth, and the London Business School.

On today’s episode, Prasad shares:

  • What you can do if you’re failing to reach your full potential
  • How to find your noble purpose
  • How changes in your personal life may impact your professional life
  • Why you should stop obsessing about success and what to do instead
  • Why happiness is so important and how to find it

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To learn more about Prasad’s work, visit his website at You can also follow him on Twitter at @pkaipa.

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