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Copeland Coaching Presents at Multicultural Job Fair in Memphis

Thanks to Alex Matlock and Contigo Creative for inviting me to be a part of the Multicultural Job Fair!

Thanks too to those who sent me messages after seeing me on the news at the fair. WMC-TV News Channel 5 featured Alex discussing the importance of the fair, and me teaching.

I presented a workshop on Building Your Personal Brand. To see a clip, watch the story below.

Copeland Coaching on WMC-TV with Lauren Squires

Unfortunately, Memphis continued to experience the harsh realities of restructuring, cutbacks, and layoffs this week.  Workers found themselves caught off guard, and forced to start over again.

Lauren Squires from WMC-TV interviewed me and Kevin Cochran yesterday on the topic of where to start when you’re starting over.

Watch the interview below to learn more.  If you are an employer that is interested to talk with Kevin Cochran, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Copeland Coaching on WMC-TV

Thanks to those folks who’ve reached out to me since yesterday. Yes, that was me talking about Copeland Coaching you saw on the Sunday morning news.

Big thank you to all of the folks at WMC-TV, including Kontji Anthony, who invited me and made this interview possible!

If you missed the interview, click the video below to play it back.