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If there’s anything I have learned recently, it’s just how important it is to give grace to others in the workplace. How often does a coworker not respond within the timeframe they agreed to? How often are they short with you when speaking? I would bet this happens pretty often.

In the moment, it feels personal. It can make you feel angry. How could this person speak to me this way? Or, why is this person not following through as quickly as they promised? You may wonder what you did to be on the receiving end of this. You may wonder why they don’t respect you enough to do better.

The problem is that work isn’t just work. Every single person we work with has many things going on outside of work (and sometimes inside of work) that we cannot see. Our personal lives are made up of family, friends, children, pets, clubs and organizations, religious groups and more.

When things are normal, someone is able to show up as their best self to work. But, when things are out of whack in one area of a person’s life, it can create a larger impact. For example, if someone recently had a new baby, they may be struggling to learn how to balance both work and take care of the baby. Or, if another person suffered the loss of a family member, that person may have a hard time containing their grief during work hours.

When someone is going through these terrible personal things, they very often do not disclose them at work. They are simply trying to get through each day. They are trying to keep their family together or trying to help a loved one through a serious illness.

They try to keep issues from bleeding into work, but we are all human. And, it can happen to anyone and everyone.

Fortunately, change is not permanent. It’s what takes us from one destination to another. And, when things calm down again, people are able to return to their prior selves. They begin to be more present. They begin to deliver their assignments on time. They again become the former person you knew.

The universal truth is that we all go through change. We are not ever all perfect all the time. Giving someone grace or assuming positive intent is one of the kindest things that you can do for them.

And, some day in the future, you will need the same grace in return. It can be surprising how quickly life can change. You can be cruising along when suddenly, someone you love becomes ill. Or, there is some other problem that may feel giant in the moment.

It would be great if we could all compartmentalize. If we were productive robots between business hours, that would be wonderful. But, that’s not really how life works. What does work is giving grace to those around you.

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Angela Copeland


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