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The holidays are here again. Along with the turkey, the stuffing, and the loved ones, there’s more to consider. This season is a time of giving thanks. In every job I have ever had, I have felt most thankful for those I work with each day. It’s not the work that makes things special. It’s not the perks that come with the job. It’s the people. And, it is those we work together with who allow our success to grow collectively.

So often at work, we forget to thank one another. Because a task is expected of someone, we assume it should be done with no complaints, and with no thanks. Each task is simply a box to be checked.

In reality, colleagues can choose whether or not to help us. And, they can choose how much to help us. Whether or not it’s said, each person is putting some piece of themselves into their work each day. They are doing their best in spite of challenges. They’re working hard even when things are tough at home, or when they don’t feel their best.

So often, the only thing they need in return are a few words of thanks. Thanking someone is easy. It’s free. And, it’s an investment in your work relationship.

How can you give thanks at work? There are many ways, and no one option is the correct one. You will likely want to use a combination of methods. First, thank someone in person. When you see them in the hall or when you meet one on one, give them a verbal thank you. Be specific. If they’ve done something to help you, mention it. Tell them you appreciate their help.

Another great option is to thank or praise someone in front of a group. This often makes the most sense during a work meeting on a project that the person has helped you with. As you present an update, you may make a brief mention of the person or team who helped to make the work possible. This allows people to feel like they’re receiving credit for their work. It helps them to understand that you truly value their work.

You can also thank someone via email, either individually or as part of a group message. This can be another nice way to recognize their work. And, if you want to do something extra special, you might consider a hand written note. Or, you may want to get your colleague a small gift. Or, you may want to consider taking them to lunch.

Giving thanks can come in many forms. But, we can all agree that it’s important to acknowledge others. Work is hard enough. Why not take a little time to acknowledge one another? It is good for everyone, and it can even be good for the company’s bottom line. Employees who feel appreciated are more dedicated and are harder workers than others.

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Happy hunting!

Angela Copeland


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