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Episode 168 is live! This week, we talk with Annie Hardy in Austin, TX.

Annie is the Founder and Managing Director at Zeet Insights, where she leads a team of market researchers and strategists. She spoke at SXSW with one of recent guests, Erika Gable, on the topic of fighting sexism at work.

We’re going to cover a sensitive topic that we don’t usually cover on this show: sexism at work. Our goal with this conversation is to both enlighten and empower both men and women on this important issue that impacts everyone.

On today’s episode, Annie shares:

  • The biggest misconception about sexism at work
  • What we can all do to treat everyone more equally
  • How sexism and sexual assault are different, and what sexism can look like in the workplace
  • How to handle sexist behavior if it’s happening to you

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