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Dear Friends,

Today is a very special day! I’m excited to share that Copeland Coaching has passed a big milestone. Copeland Coaching is THREE YEARS OLD!!!

It’s been a fun, exciting, fulfilling journey. Thank you to everyone who has helped me out along the way. First, thanks to those who helped me setup the business. From help with my podcast to my company logo to putting together my office furniture, I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for your help, and thank you for believing in me! 

To my clients, thank you for taking me along with you on your special journey. Helping you to find your purpose has been the most fulfilling work I’ve had the opportunity to do. Thank you for sharing your story with me. Thank you for letting me in. And, thank you for taking a risk to find your own true path. Thanks too for introducing your friends and family to me. I’m humbled every day when I receive referrals that weren’t just sent from one person, but from multiple people. Thank you for your friendship.

This has been an awesome journey. I’m looking forward to even more exciting things in 2017. Stay tuned, and happy hunting!

Sincere thanks,



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