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Oracle is seeking a Public Cloud Evangelist in Seattle, WA.

A great evangelist is a flexible and effective communicator, whether they are presenting to a CIO, whiteboarding with an architect, writing a whitepaper or providing feedback to our engineering teams. Their conversations are grounded in the technical authenticity that comes from hands-on experience working with IaaS solutions, from Oracle and others.

Every member of our team has the opportunity for tremendous growth, impact and fun. You would join a young and growing team, and could strongly influence its approach and culture. Our purview is broad, which will let you focus on the problems that interest and challenge you. We have support from Oracle’s leadership going all the way up to the top, and steady access to them.

As a representative of Oracle you will have immediate access and relevance to the world’s largest enterprises. Join us and learn what we can do for them.

To learn more, or to apply online, visit the Oracle website.

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Author: Angela Copeland

Angela Copeland is Founder and Coach for Copeland Coaching, a great way to jump start your job search. Follow her on Twitter @CopelandCoach for tips on finding the perfect job for you.

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