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McKinsey Solutions is seeking a Head of Engineering – Office of the CTO.

You will be responsible for building a world-class Engineering capability for our Solution builders to tap into, both within the firm and through a network of carefully selected software development partners.

You’ll leverage your deep, hands-on experience in leading development teams and your market connections to attract top talent to your team. You’ll establish current and long-range engineering objectives, plans, and policies for McKinsey New Ventures and you’ll grow and manage our portfolio of external development partners to assist and augment our Engineering team.

Additionally, you’ll create technical budgets and resource allocation and resource acquisition plans to align with the functional and business goals and objectives. You’ll also collaborate with our Solution leaders to develop a suitable Engineering approach to delivering their products, and individual Engineering plans that ensure timely ongoing software releases and new product builds in order to meet overall business growth, revenue and cost targets.

To learn more, or to apply online, visit the McKinsey website.


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