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Expedia is seeking a Manager of Technology Operations.


  • Manage a team of operations analysts, finding and growing early career talent.
  • Analyze and drive enhancements in application logging that allow Expedia Worldwide Engineering (EWE) applications to better instrument for availability and performance (uptime, success rate, and customer  experience).
  • Lead monitoring enhancements identifying and partnering with application teams for performance improvements based on findings.
  • Partner with development teams to ensure relevant metrics are fed into the system for centralized reporting.
  • Play an operational leadership role in incident response, driving restoration and restoration.
  • Values:
  • Passion – enthusiastic, adventurous and full of energy
  • Innovative – be creative and demonstrate ‘out of the box’ thinking
  • Enterprising – Ability to take risks with a ‘make it happen’ approach
  • Execution – Biased towards action

To learn more, or to apply online, visit the Expedia website.

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Author: Angela Copeland

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