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Reddit is seeking a Director of Communications in San Francisco, CA.


  • Develop, lead and execute communications plans to support our platform, monetization and policy efforts
  • Counsel cross-functional partners in policy, legal, product and other groups within the company on a broad set of communications matters ranging from media engagement strategy to crisis management
  • Educate users, press, bloggers, analysts, and influencers about our products, policies, and initiatives
  • Manage communications team members and grow their development
  • Drive positive coverage across a broad range of media, including consumer, business, and advertising trade outlets
  • Support and manage the creation of press materials and customer/partner reference programs
  • Have good understanding and knowledge of internet platforms
  • Respond to, route and track incoming media requests
  • Organized press briefings, media sessions, events, prepare briefing materials for executive spokespeople
  • Flag, calendar and strategically organize company speaking engagements

To learn more, or to apply online, visit the Reddit website.



Author: Angela Copeland

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