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As a Product Director at Indeed, you will own several products and manage multiple Product Managers who extend your vision and influence. You and your team, not the CEO, will decide how to grow your products to further the company goals of helping people find jobs and growing revenue.

Product Managers at Indeed are analytical, creative, and collaborative. We obsess over data and drive for simplicity. You will guide the team by exemplifying these core values.
Product Managers have the responsibility to deliver results, but no authority over peers in Engineering. A successful PM leads by developing the trust and respect of teammates. You will foster collaboration within the San Francisco office, and across Indeed offices around the world.

You will be empowered to set ambitious goals for your products. Your goals will not be easy to achieve; they should inspire and motivate the team to think big. The goals should be simple to understand, few in number, and clearly communicated so your team and the rest of the company understand what we are doing, why we do it, and where we’re headed.
You will work closely with the development team on a daily basis. You will sit next to developers, define requirements and analyze A/B tests with their input. You will do data analysis, whether it’s doing queries in MySQL, searching through logs, or using the plethora of in-house tools for analyzing data (see:
You will create hypotheses for improving your product, test them, and learn from the results (see: Our product development philosophy is similar to the Lean Startup philosophy. You will create MVPs, prototypes of new products, simple tests to validate ideas and iterate. You will NOT be an armchair Product Manager writing large PRDs and handing them off to the development team. Most Product Managers at Indeed don’t even know what a PRD is.

You will enjoy a casual work environment, flexible hours, and great compensation and benefits. There is a complete lack of office politics; if that is your specialty, look elsewhere.
You will wear many hats and constantly learn new things on the job. You will be surrounded by smart, dedicated, nice people. You will be proud of the company’s mission and your products’ impact.

To learn more, or to apply online, visit the Indeed website.

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