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Target is seeking a Director of Product Management, Target Registry in Minneapolis, MN.


  • Set key business objectives and develop Registry strategy
  • Coordinate across scrums to ensure that every team has defined scope and clear objectives
  • Be the “voice of Registry” to all outside stakeholders to ensure that their needs are met and that the product team is getting any support it needs
  • Oversee progress against product backlogs to ensure work and priorities are in line with product strategy and goals
  • Utilize dual track discovery process to implement Registry strategy
  • Make final decisions on any scope changes to prioritize key features
  • Manage resource allocation strategy to ensure scrums have team members they need
  • Define development methodology and tools for teams, with input from Scrum Master
  • Approve technology roadmap, with input from Lead Architect
  • Create and manage product budget
  • Select and manage vendors for the product

To learn more, or to apply online, visit Target’s website.



Author: Angela Copeland

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