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Very often, I’m asked a question that makes a lot of sense: “What does a career coach do?” The reason it makes sense is that the career coaching industry is a relatively new one.

Career coaching services vary from coach to coach. Some coaches come from a background that is rooted in teaching. The person is especially skilled at communicating information to others. Others come from a psychology background. Career coaching differs from headhunting or recruiting in that the job seeker is still the one looking for the position, versus the headhunter.

My coaching practice is rooted in real world experience. As you have probably heard me say, I started my own career in engineering, then transitioned to technology before switching to digital marketing executive.

I was able to make these successful transitions in part because of my natural curiosity about different jobs and industries — and my love for the interview process. I enjoyed competing in all different styles of job interviews — from technical interviews where you work out math problems and take IQ tests to sales interviews where you give presentations about yourself.

I have to admit; my love for interviewing and the job search process is an unusual one. But, the good news is that it helps me to bring a wealth of insider knowledge to my clients.

As I mentioned, the particular services a coach provides really varies from coach to coach. Below is a short list of some of the services I provide:

  • Dream job creation – I work with clients to brainstorm ideas for their next job. What are the things they’re good at today that might transfer? What about their personality aligns to other types of jobs?
  • Resume updates – Updating your resume can be a stressful process. I work with job seekers to go through their resumes and help to customize them, so they give the right message and personal brand to potential employers.
  • LinkedIn and Social Media branding – I work with job seekers to put their best foot forward online. Whether it’s LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram — your online brand counts too!
  • Job search strategy – Applying online only can be a fruitless, frustrating process. We talk about ways to go around the online process to get to the hiring manager faster.
  • Negotiation assistance – Anytime you’re switching jobs, but especially when you’re switching careers, negotiating can be difficult. I help clients to research how much they’re worth. We talk about how to talk about money, and how to ask for more. Getting paid fairly for what you do is an important part of your search process!

As you can see, the services I provide are focused on finding a job faster. Of course, finding a job is hard work. It’s like that saying, “finding a job is a job.” It’s not something you can do at the snap of your fingers. It can take time, especially if you’re trying to find a new career path, or get a job in a field where you have little experience.

The process can be a tricky one, but I’m here to help my clients along the way.

Anyway! Since I get this question often, I was asked to write a newsletter on this very topic. I hope this e-mail has been helpful, and has helped to answer a few questions about career coaching.

I hope these tips have helped you. Visit to find more tips to improve your job search. If I can be of assistance to you, don’t hesitate to reach out to me here.

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Happy hunting!

Angela Copeland


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