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iHeartMedia is seeking a Program Director in Seattle, WA.

Leads all aspects of radio station’s on-air experience in a leadership and operations role, responsible for talent, content, programming, and online presence.


  • Reviews and determines all commercial and paid programming content; decides music play lists; schedules programming in conformance with FCC rules and regulations, company policy and applicable federal, state, and local laws; protects station license.
  • Plans and oversees tone, programming, production, sound & theme, website, online presence, and social media.
  • Collaborates with Production to enlist musical direction and seeks options that meet editorial scope.
  • Fields record label calls, schedules music, and checks social media to ensure music remains consistent with station’s brand.
  • Identifies, recruits, and coaches on-air talent, producers, news directors, and reporters, e.g., frequently listens/airchecks sessions with on-air talent,
  • Provides direction to DJ and audio engineer on content

To learn more, or to apply online, visit the iHeartMedia website.

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Author: Angela Copeland

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