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The Red Cross is seeking a Division Disaster State Relationship Director in Austin, Texas. It can also be based in San Antonio, Texas.

At a state level and for multi regional purposes the Division Disaster State Relationship Director (DDSRD) serves as the primary interface with government entities (federal, state and local), organizations, and other leadership entities in the field of emergency services, disaster policy and operations, and community resiliency.  The DDSRD ensures coordinated planning at the state level and with the FEMA regions.

The DDSRD operates as a part of the process called Align with Government, which is one of the (five pillar / three core) processes of the Disaster Management Cycle.  Specific functions of this position include: Government Partnerships – State level.

The DDSRD works to perform these functions according to the direction provided by the Division Disaster Executive (DDE) and team leadership is provided by the Division Vice President (DVP). The position reports to the Division Disaster Executive and receives personnel development from the Division Disaster Executive.

To learn more, or to apply online, visit the Red Cross website here.

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