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My latest Memphis Daily News column is out, “What’s in a review?”

Reviews have become a standard way in which we communicate our satisfaction or displeasure with one another. Chances are good that the last time you had a negative experience at a restaurant, you logged onto a site like Yelp to share your experience with the online community.

Your annual performance evaluation serves a similar purpose. However, more is at stake for you at work. The score you receive can impact your performance bonus, your annual raise, and a possible promotion. Often, your direct manager has full discretion over the rating you get and how that rating will impact you financially.

Some companies base your rating and annual bonus on your personal contributions alone. Others take company performance or team performance into account. When company performance is used, sometimes you are rated based on your business unit and other times, you are rated based on overall corporate performance.

To find out the best way to prepare for your review, even before you start your new job, read the rest of my column here.


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