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My latest Memphis Daily News column is out, “Are you an expert?”

How many things have you truly mastered? For example, you must know how to cook to survive day to day. But, is your food the quality of a professional chef? Similarly, you might like to travel – domestically, and maybe even internationally. But, how good are you at booking travel?

In both examples, chances are good you would much prefer to be the customer. You probably aren’t a professional chef, or so skilled with travel you could take it on as a full time job.

Where does your expertise lie? For example, project managers should be organized, able to write business requirements, and good at lead meetings. Let’s contrast this with what makes someone good at looking for a job: being well spoken, good at self-promotion, and a strong networker.

This is a short list of just a few things, but, they’re different skills. The skills needed to be a good project manager are different than those required to be a great job seeker. To become a true expert at something, you must do it every day. This is what happens with your day job.

To find out how you can become an expert job seeker, read the rest of my column here.


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