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My latest Memphis Daily News column is out, “8 Career Trends in 2016.”

With the New Year here in full force, employees are setting their sights on new goals, new jobs, and new careers. One question I keep hearing is “What’s new in 2016?” Here’s the rundown.

Multiple Careers: It’s becoming more and more common (and acceptable) for employees to switch jobs every three to five years. In fact, it’s almost expected. In the past, this was frowned upon by many, but in 2016, it will be more the norm than ever before.

Boomerang Workers: With the number of people switching jobs more frequently, this was bound to happen. It’s more and more typical to see an employee leave a company and be rehired a few years later. And why not? The employee gains valuable experience and can negotiate a higher salary upon return. It’s a win-win as the organization gets someone who already has knowledge and experience with the company.

Work Life Balance: As companies are filled with more millennials, the focus on work-life balance is increasing. Millennials want to do meaningful work – and they want to have a personal life. They aren’t lured in by big paychecks that take over their personal time.

For more 2016 career trends, read the rest of my Memphis Daily News column here.



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