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My latest Memphis Daily News column is out, “Letting Go of Fear.”

As we enter into a new year, there’s quite a bit of talk about setting new goals. They may be related to career, family, fitness, or other personal pursuits. As these goals began to be shared, it’s interesting to think about which will be achieved and which will eventually be shelved.

But, is the success always related to the particular goal – or to the person achieving it? And what sets the achievers apart from the strugglers?

My belief is that almost always, the achievers possess something a little different than everyone else. It’s not a MBA, money, or good looks (although those don’t hurt). In fact, it’s cheaper and easier to come by.

The characteristic that sets them apart is they are able to live their lives without fear. In fairness, it’s not that they don’t have concerns, or even fear. It’s not that failure doesn’t cross their minds, or they don’t worry. But, they’re able to try new things without letting their fears stop them.

To find out the one question I ask myself to move past fear, read the rest of my Memphis Daily News column here.


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