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My latest Memphis Daily News column is out, All I Want for Christmas Is a New Job.

I hope this holiday season has been a great one. If you’re like many people, a new job may be on your Christmas list. Whether you’re looking for a better work environment, more money, or something else, December brings up thoughts of something new.  

It would be great if a new career would come in a package wrapped up with a beautiful bow under the Christmas tree. Unfortunately, when it comes to landing a job, Santa is probably not going to come through.

Typically, a new job is a gift you must give yourself. Don’t get me wrong, recruiters and family friends can make things happen from time to time. But, it’s just not a guarantee. Don’t rely on this method alone, or you may find yourself in a job you don’t really care for – or without a job at all.

What you can count on is your own hard work. As they say, getting a job is a job.

To find out how you can ramp up your job search after the holidays, read the rest of my Memphis Daily News column here.


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