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NIKE is seeking a Wave Planning Manager in Memphis, TN.

As the Wave Planning Manager, you’ll manage employees and set individual goals that link to departmental priorities. You’ll coach staff, support development, makes hiring decisions, and drive performance management, recognition and rewards. You’ll actively participate in building and executing the operational business plans. You’ll participate in building & executing the Operations tactical plan. You’ll take ownership in personal CFE process (goals & progress, development and career planning) within the agreed upon budget. You’ll provide help and expertise, challenge team members to optimize overall operations results. You’ll manage functional area on quality and safety. You’ll work with operational shift communication, target accuracy, continuity, focus on goals and successful start of next shift. You’ll work with coaches of all functional areas to challenge shift targets and results achieved. You’ll integrate & coordinate with the team leader team to ensure communication & information flow across shifts.

To learn more, or to apply online, visit the NIKE website here.




Author: Angela Copeland

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