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Episode 54 of the Copeland Coaching Podcast is now live! This week we talk with Molly Lavik, Founder of Mentor InSight in Los Angeles, CA.

Molly is also a mentor, author, and professor. While spending thousands of hours teaching MBA classes and advising corporate leaders over the past twenty years, Molly developed a deep understanding of the challenges we all face in achieving our goals. This led her to create a new medium known as Mentorographies: autobiographies with an explicitly educational purpose. Through her company, Mentor InSight, she interviewed hundreds of superachievers to share the lessons of their accomplishments. She then put those lessons to use to help anyone with big dreams attain what she likes to call “superachievement” or “Going Supernova.”


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To learn more about Molly, visit the Mentor InSight website at


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