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Seedco is seeking a Certified Application Counselor in Memphis, TN.

Primary Job Functions:

  • Complete federal CAC and any required state Navigator training courses and pass both federal and state certification exams as well as comply with all continuing education and recertification requirements;
  • Participate in CMS/HHS and Seedco trainings and meetings to assure strong expertise in public and private health insurance eligibility, application/ enrollment process and updates to regulation;
  • Establish outreach strategies to reach target populations and participation and planning of events in this geography.
  • Provide courteous, professional and confidential assistance to all clients seeking benefits;
  • Conduct outreach and screening within targeted counties regarding health insurance and other benefits options using both and Earn Benefits technologies;
  • Facilitate enrollment and provide education on public funded health care programs such as Medicaid, Child Health Plus, Qualified Health plans(QHPs), premium tax credits and cost sharing reductions via;
  • Facilitate enrollment into other benefits via the Seedco Earn Benefits technology;
  • Follow up with clients and Seedco to troubleshoot appeals and dispute solutions;
  • Work independently, travelling throughout rural counties in West Tennessee and providing services in various locations as needed;
  • Handle sensitive and personal information with an understanding and respect for client confidentiality;
  • Ensure that follow-up is completed to capture client referrals and outcomes;
  • Document outreach, education and enrollment activities on a timely basis; and
  • Achieve performance targets, working closely with the other regional CAC’s, Navigators, Seedco and partners to identify and overcome challenges.


To learn more, or to apply online, visit the Seedco job posting here.


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