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Keurig is seeking a Beverage R&D Manager at their headquarters in Waterbury, VT.

  • Manage formulation, testing and commercialization of products for partner, owned and private label brands
  • Understand beverage processing and manage process development resources to deliver unique and targeted product attributes and functionality.
  • Manage external and internal resources to identify and conduct appropriate analytical testing in the development of stable beverage systems.
  • Manage inter-company R&D relationships and communications with ingredient partners and suppliers
  • Manage product performance testing, including brew, shelf-life, product/package interaction and distribution testing
  • Develop and maintain product specs¬†
  • Support, and in some cases lead, ingredient supplier and co-manufacturer expansion efforts
  • Improve established product manufacturing support program to quickly and efficiently respond to Operations
  • Develop and mentor staff members to build R&D organizational capabilities


To learn more, or to apply online, visit the Keurig job posting here.

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