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When I meet with a new job seeker, I can assess pretty quickly how easy or difficult their job search may be. It’s clear if the entire thing may be painful for them, and how long it might really take. You may wonder how I’m able to do this.

Is it the candidate’s education that tips me off?

Is it their awesome work history?

Their stellar college grade point average?

Their height, weight, or wardrobe?

No. It’s none of these things. None.

The number one top indicator of success for job searching is tied to fear. You heard me: FEAR.

Even the most accomplished of individuals feel it. It’s a lot like the fear of rejection when you go on a first date. The unknown alone can make you want to stay home in your comfortable slippers and robe, hiding behind your television and watching a movie.

Candidates who have the fastest success are those who release their fear, including:

  • Fear of being rejected by a company
  • Fear of applying for the wrong job
  • Fear of meeting new people
  • Fear of failing at an interview
  • Fear of looking dumb

Does letting go of the fear mean the person doesn’t ever fail? No. It doesn’t.

It does mean however that they reframe their situation. They open themselves up to possibilities. And, when they do fail, they realize that it’s just practice for the next time.

And, after enough practice, they knock it out of the park. Every time.

Unfortunately, in today’s world of the internet, we’re able to calm our job search fears in a way that seems totally logical.

The new normal is for a company to ask you to apply online. Even if you can get someone on the phone from human resources, they will undoubtedly ask you to send your resume via their website.

This easy process allows you to not put yourself out there. You send your resume online, and soon forget about the entire thing. And, interestingly enough, the company forgets about you too.

The number one way to land a job is through networking. Think about it. How did you get your last job? Chances are pretty good, you didn’t just apply online. You probably knew someone. Or, you reached out to the company.

This kind of in person reaching out is risky. It’s where rejection happens. It’s where fear lives.

But, it’s also where success happens. If you can put away your fear, at least temporarily, you’ll find your job search will go much faster, and much more smoothly. You’ll find more success. And, you’ll get better offers than those who are smarter, have more experience, and are more attractive. Why? Because, you’re the one who’s set your fear aside and opened yourself up to new possibilities.

I hope these tips have helped you. Visit to find more tips to improve your job search. If I can be of assistance to you, don’t hesitate to reach out to me here.

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Happy hunting!

Angela Copeland


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