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McDonald’s Corporate is seeking a Director of Menu Strategy & Innovation in Chicago, IL.

McDonald’s is looking for a candidate who is passionate about food to become Director of Innovation on the Menu Innovation Team. The candidate should be someone who is energized by people, food, innovation and experiences. This person will be responsible for identifying innovative, high-growth opportunities and creating a plan to deliver breakthrough solutions that drive sustainable growth for the McDonald’s US Business. The consumer is at the center of what we do and delivering offerings that address (under)/un-met consumer needs is foundational. They must have the ability to leverage consumer insights and develop growth concepts, but also drive cross-functional collaboration between marketing, design and menu teams and creating synergies that deliver step-change impact to the market place. This person must embrace the role of change agent. They must be comfortable in challenging the status quo and existing paradigms. Join the McDonald’s Menu Innovation team as we develop an easy, balanced menu, inspiring everyday eating at McDonald’s and building confidence in our “Real and Fresh” food.

To learn more, or to apply online, visit the McDonald’s job posting here.


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