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Episode 44 of the Copeland Coaching Podcast is now live!

This week we talk with Lizzie Post and Daniel Post Senning from The Emily Post Institute in Burlington, VT. Lizzie and Dan co-host a great podcast called Awesome Etiquette where they guide listeners through everything from traditional etiquette quandaries to newly emerging issues in the modern world. They’ve also written a number of etiquette books, including The Etiquette Advantage in Business, a guide for professionals on navigating every day and unusual situations in the office.

On today’s podcast, Lizzie and Daniel share their advice on what to wear, small talk, awkward moments, and digital etiquette.


Listen and learn more! You can play the podcast here, or download it for free on Apple Podcasts. If you enjoy the program, subscribe today to the Copeland Coaching Podcast on Apple Podcasts to ensure you don’t miss an episode!

To learn more about Lizzie and Daniel, visit their website at


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