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My latest Memphis Daily News column is out, “The Value of Honesty.”

I’m not going to lie; recently, I’ve been on the receiving end of dishonesty in a business setting. The person could have easily told the truth or apologized, and it would have been no big deal. But, they didn’t. In order to save face, they stepped right up and said something that was clearly and definitely not the truth.

Maybe I’m naïve, but it always surprises me when people aren’t honest, especially about little things or things that are well-documented through email. I guess if they don’t get called out on their lie, they assume they’ve gotten away with it. But, as someone who pays attention to these things, I notice the inconsistencies and take note of them – as do many other people.

And, when the person does get caught, brushing off the error as a “miscommunication” just doesn’t repair the damage.

To read my entire column, and tips on remaining honest in your job search, visit the Memphis Daily News site here.


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