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My latest Memphis Daily News column is out, “Relocating for Work.”

Moving for a new career, or the potential of a new career, can be daunting. You’ll have to sell your home. Your children will need new schools. Your belongings will have to be boxed, moved and unboxed. You’ll need to find new service providers, including doctors, hairstylists and childcare.

I recently received a question from a reader on the topic of relocation. Whenever she applies for an out-of-state job, the company says, “After you relocate, give us a call.” The reader asked if this was how other people are finding jobs, as it seems to be an unstable approach.

I empathize with this situation. Relocating can be a tricky topic. And, moving with no job is unstable.

To learn what I recommend in this situation and for more information on how to get relocation, check out my entire Memphis Daily News column here.


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