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My latest Memphis Daily News column is out, “Know What to Carry to Interviews.”

It’s official: Hiring season is on! Chances are good you’ve been sending out your resume online for every interesting job out there. Soon, you’ll find yourself invited for in-person interviews.

These interviews can be exciting and nerve-wracking. They determine whether or not you get hired. Surprisingly, the reason you do (or don’t) get hired may have little to do with your ability to do the job.

Let’s face it, managers are human. Just like you and me, they make judgments. Whether or not it’s conscious, they’re going to make assumptions about you and your abilities based on outside factors.

So, let’s talk about something you’ll want to consider on your next interview. Keep in mind as you read this – you want to be yourself. But, you also want to minimize distractions, so you’re judged on your merit.

We spend a lot of time preparing what to say and what to wear, but what about what we take with us? That’s right, the things you carry make a difference too.

For all my tips on what to bring with you, check out my entire Memphis Daily News column here.


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