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The Collierville Chamber of Commerce is seeking a President and CEO in Collierville, TN.


1.​ Responsible for writing, executing, and submitting reports for grants from the municipal, county, state governments.​ Also, identifying and applying for other grant opportunities offered through various organizations.​

2.​ Responsible for the chamber’s overall economic development effort including traditional economic and marketing activities for retention and expansion.​

3.​ Identify Chamber and community needs and assist in the preparation of the Chamber’s annual program of work.​ He/​she will be responsible for constant evaluation of the program, measuring advancement toward goals, reporting to the board on the progress and recommend changes as needed.​

4.​ Responsible for the internal structure and procedure of the Chamber to ensure that the organization is functioning with maximum efficiency.​ The President/​CEO presents recommendations to the Board regarding changes in structure and procedures as needed.​

5.​ Assist in the development of the Chamber annual budget and relating budget to program goals.​ Further, the President/​CEO is responsible for all expenditures within the framework of the budget.​ He/​she will prepare monthly financial statements of income and expenses and quarterly statements of expenses by department.​ He/​she will ensure that financial records of the Chamber are reviewed annually by CPA.​ He/​she will seek maximum efficiency in all financial procedures.​

6.​ Responsible for the employment of all staff personnel, their continuing on-the-job training, the assignment of their duties, and the supervision of their work.​ This would include managing and motivating a chamber volunteer base.​

7.​ Ensuring that the Chamber’s policies, established by the Board are properly recorded in minutes and indexed in the Policy Manual.​ He/​she will assist the Board, committees, members and the staff in interpretation of policy.​ He/​she will assist the Chairman of the Board of Directors in preparation of statements of Chamber position on public issues.​

8.​ Responsible for the maintenance and improvements of headquarters as approved by the Board of Directors.​

9.​ Under the direction of the Board of Directors, the President/​CEO is responsible for maintaining continuity and consistency in programming.​ Based on proper research of community needs, the president must anticipate long-range issues and recommend programs that address such issues.​

10.​ Responsible for the submission to the State of Tennessee proper annual renewals for charitable organizations and annual reporting.​

11.​ Will be working as a liaison between the chamber, its staff, its Board of Directors, its membership, the municipality and other governmental bodies, the community, other area chambers.​

To learn more, or to apply online, visit the Collierville Chamber job posting here.

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