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I hope you’re managing to stay warm today! In the past week, the temperatures have really gone down considerably. Hopefully, you’re taking advantage of the time inside and are focused on what else – your job search!

One topic that becomes very important during job searching is your e-mail etiquette. When you miss the boat on your e-mail communications, it’s rare that anyone will tell you directly. But, rest assured—they noticed and they’re talking about it.

Avoid being that person and take the time to consider the recommendations below. They’re very simple, and they will help tremendously.

  1. Upgrade your e-mail account. If you’re still stuck in the days of AOL, Comcast, or any older provider, it’s time to upgrade to Gmail or a similar service. If you’ve had your personal e-mail address for over 10 years, this may be you. Your e-mail address can indicate a few things – one being your age, and one being your level of sophistication when it comes to technology. Stay up to date to keep from being judged.
  2. Select a professional e-mail address. Stay away from e-mail addresses that include your birth year or graduation year. They provide unnecessary information about your age. Stay away from e-mails that contain casual nicknames or hobbies. Pick something that contains your first and last name if possible.
  3. Respond within 24 hours. When you receive an e-mail, respond within one day. Even if you don’t have the entire answer, respond to say you’ve received the message. You are your own brand and a product you’re marketing. As such, treat those you interact with as if they were your customers.
  4. Start your e-mails with your receipt’s name and end with your name. Job search related e-mails should start with something like “Dear Andrew, Thank you for your e-mail” and not with something like “Hey! Thank you for your e-mail.”
  5. If you must send a mass e-mail, use BCC. Blind Carbon Copy is the most professional way to send e-mail to a large group of people. Sending to a group and not hiding their e-mails shows lack of respect for personal privacy. It can also be very annoying when people begin to reply. That leads me to my next tip…
  6. If you receive a mass e-mail and must respond, reply directly. Unless it’s very important, don’t send a reply-all message. When you reply-all, everyone on the original e-mail receives a copy of your message. It can also trigger a number of other reply-all messages. You’ve probably had this happen before and can attest to how annoying it can be.
  7. Include a signature. At the bottom of your e-mail, you have the option to include a signature. This is a great thing to include! In addition to your name and e-mail, be sure it includes your phone number. So many people use your signature to find your phone number. When it’s not there, the experience can be difficult and they may give up.

These suggestions should be an extension of the everyday business etiquette you use. They will ensure you aren’t the subject of a discussion about how, “that person just doesn’t know how to use e-mail properly!”

I hope these tips have helped you. Visit to find more tips to improve your job search. If I can be of assistance to you, don’t hesitate to reach out to me here.

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Happy hunting!

Angela Copeland


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