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My latest Memphis Daily News column is out, “European Job Hunt.” In it, I explore what it takes to move to Europe.

When I visited Dublin, Ireland, in 2013, I was surprised at what I found. It was a European city that in some ways reminded me of home. People were incredibly friendly. The culture was built around music, food and socializing. The city’s core is a similar size to Downtown Memphis, and it’s built around a river.

But, the part that truly stole my heart was the tech culture. In the past five years, a large number of U.S. dot-com companies have opened offices in Dublin. The list is too long to mention, but a few of the highlights include Google, LinkedIn, eBay, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, Apple, Indeed and Etsy.

A few weeks ago, I took a trip back to learn more about the Dublin employment scene. A number of my clients have expressed interest in moving abroad, so I wanted to get the inside scoop.

To learn more about how you might move abroad, read my entire Memphis Daily News column here. In it, I discuss my meetings with Karen Willis from Karen Willis Coaching and Barry O’Dowd from IDA Ireland.

Also, I hope you’ll enjoy a few photos from my trip below.

ndrcGary Leyden speaking at the NDRC business accelerator
linkedinThe LinkedIn office in Dublin
accentureAccenture’s Dublin office



Author: Angela Copeland

Angela Copeland is Founder and Coach for Copeland Coaching, a great way to jump start your job search. Follow her on Twitter @CopelandCoach for tips on finding the perfect job for you.

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