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My latest Memphis Daily News column is out, “Don’t Stop Your Job Search During the Holiday.” In it, I encourage you to keep looking for your dream job every day – even during December.

One of the biggest mistakes job seekers make is to stop looking for work over the holidays. Once Thanksgiving rolls around, our priorities shift. We decide companies aren’t hiring anyway, and we move on to other things. We begin to focus on putting up decorations and buying gifts.

Unfortunately, this routine can put you at a disadvantage when January comes. Although the hiring process over the holidays may be slower, it doesn’t stop. New jobs are posted every day. When you stop looking, you have no idea what new jobs are available. You’ll be missing out and won’t even know it.

Besides, the hiring process is just that – a process. At many organizations, you’ll find that the time between you first apply for a job and are presented with an offer can been weeks or months. It’s not uncommon for a nonprofit to take three months or more to make a decision.

By exiting your job search during the holidays, you’re losing sight of your goal to find a job. When the New Year arrives, you’ll be at least a month or more behind your competitors.

To learn what you can do to keep your job search going, read my entire column here:


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