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Whole Foods is seeking an Affinity & Loyalty Marketing Director in Austin, TX.

The Affinity and Loyalty Marketing Director is responsible for developing and leading the Affinity and Loyalty marketing efforts at Whole Foods Market. Ultimately the Director is responsible for all business aspects of the Affinity program, including program objectives, strategy and execution that will fuel program optimization and one-to-one customer engagement.

Beginning with strategic, creative, functional and experiential vision, the Director will develop, implement, and oversee the Affinity program strategy, customer experience and marketing, including program development, launch and enhancement, as well as acquisition, sustainment and engagement efforts. The Director will be responsible for rollout and scale to national and then sustain growth and customer acquisition for this new to Whole Foods Market program.  The Director will ultimately be responsible for delivering a phenomenal customer rewards program that engages and rewards customers in an extremely Whole Foods Market brand-centric way that surprises and delights the user base.

The Director, working with IT and Marketing Analytics will be responsible for designing and analyzing results and consumer data from the program pilot, scale and launch to nationwide continuity. They will oversee the strategic development of campaigns, offers and communications to our affinity subscriber-base, drive customer traffic, sales, customer acquisition and engagement.

The Director will develop and maintain the Affinity budget and business case/ROI projections, work with IT, Marketing Analytics, Content and CRM teams and external agency support, to prioritize program direction, look and feel, unique and compelling offers and enhancements designed to surprise and delight customers.  This results driven position requires innovation, creativity, customer loyalty experience, marketing and communications experience, analytical expertise and attention to detail.

To learn more, or to apply online, visit the Whole Foods job posting here.

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