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Episode 27 of the Copeland Coaching Podcast is live! This week, we talk with Anita Bruzzese, Award Winning Career Journalist and Author in St. Louis, MO.

She’s an author, columnist and blogger focusing on career and workplace issues. Anita has written for numerous publications, including USA Today, and has appeared on the Today show as a career expert. She’s also been interviewed as an expert for O, The Oprah Magazine, Glamour, Cosmopolitan and Shape. In addition to this, Anita has written two books, “Take This Job and Thrive,” and “45 Things You Do That Drive Your Boss Crazy…and How to Avoid Them,” named a top 10 most notable business book for 2007 by the New York Post and an top 20 career advice book.

Anita shares her insights on issues employees face, tips for job seeking veterans, and why you should consider reverse mentoring.

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To learn more about Anita, visit her website at To purchase her books, visit Amazon here.


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