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JAKKS Pacific is seeking a Purchasing and Demand Planning Manager in Malibu, CA.


• Management of process used to develop forecast
• Managing gap between marketing / retail, sales and operation
• Solutions related to demand forecasting, demand planning, inventory planning, merchandise and assortment planning, distribution planning, allocation, replenishment and purchasing
• Cross functional inputs and applying judgment based on knowledge of business
• Supply chain management to include replenishment, demand forecasting and promotion planning
• Data analysis to include assortment planning, demand, product cycle, product schedule
• Integration of new areas / divisions
• Review and analysis of POS data to help improve forecast at SKU level, future sales forecast by customer, region. Factor in promotion , prices changes and seasonal influences
• Solutions that improve customer delivery
• Understanding of inventory valuation. Maintain appropriate inventory levels and avoid buildup of excess stock
• Oversee purchase of material and or finished good for selected product lines
• Review production capabilities and capacities to support demand
• Work with US vendors and schedules, releases, allocation and shipping

To learn more, or to apply online, visit the JAKKS Pacific job posting here.



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