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Happy Halloween! My latest Memphis Daily News column is out, “Job Search Nightmare.” In it, I discuss the scariest parts of your job search and what you can do to cope.

With Halloween upon us, we’re talking about our fears. Finding a job can be a scary thought for many people. But what is it about the process that unnerves us?

According to, research shows over 90 percent of Americans are afraid of something about the job search process. Some candidates become nervous that they’ll arrive late. Others worry about what to wear. Many people are afraid of feeling like they’re bragging. Some are afraid of being underqualified and others are scared of being overqualified. Some fear they’ll be judged for their age – either for being too old or too young.

Sound familiar?

My own job search nightmare happened years ago when I flew to Pittsburgh for an interview.

To learn about my job search nightmare and how to cope with your fears, read my entire Memphis Daily News column here.


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