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My latest Memphis Daily News column is out, “Timing Is Everything.” In it, I discuss how timing may be impacting your job search, and what you can do about it.

Timing is everything; at least, it can be. Whether it’s in life, relationships, or job seeking, timing can strongly influence the outcome of a situation.

When you’re searching for a new career, there are many things you should do, such as update your resume and cover letter. You want to keep your LinkedIn profile current, and have a nice suit on hand for interviews. You should spend time growing your network and applying for jobs.

But, once you have the basics covered, what should you do if things still aren’t coming together? Many struggling job seekers beat themselves up for not being good enough or trying hard enough.

Although you always want to do your best, take a step back and try to evaluate the situation from an unbiased point of view. Are there outside factors that may be impacting your results?

To learn what factors may be impacting your search and what you can do about it, read my entire Memphis Daily News column here.

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