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My latest Memphis Daily News column is out, “Door Opener or Doorstop.” In it, I discuss the importance of selecting jobs that match your skill level.

When I talk with millennials who have recently graduated from college, one thing is clear: They’re struggling to figure out what exactly to do next.

A common theme is they’re taking jobs that would normally be considered beneath their skill level.

Many recent college grads are afraid to apply for higher-level jobs. Perhaps there’s something in the job description that seems more than they can do. Maybe there’s one requirement they don’t meet.

In the end, these college graduates are submitting themselves for jobs that only require a high school diploma. This market seems to be more comfortable and less competitive. It’s faster and easier to find one of these jobs. There’s less pressure of failing and you can start working right away.

The problem is, when you do this, you’re really holding yourself back. To read my entire article and get a better solution, check out the Memphis Daily News here.


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