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My latest Memphis Daily News column is out, “Lessons Learned From Millennials.” In it, I discuss the lessons we can all learn from Millennials that will help to improve your job search.

Much of the research about employment suggests older workers are waiting longer to retire. This means many seasoned professionals are also still job searching. And, many of those are struggling to find their way.

The experience could be compared to someone who finds themselves online dating for the first time after a divorce. Dating is an entirely different ballgame since the last time they were looking. It requires different skills, and a new approach.

In the same way, job searching has evolved significantly in the last two decades. With the growth of the Internet, the job search process takes place almost entirely online. And, not only do you need a resume and a cover letter. Now you also need a LinkedIn profile, a social media presence and a personal brand.

The millennial generation can’t remember a time without the Internet. I’m often surprised at just how much they’re comfortable to share online and how much time they spend crafting their online presence. Although it’s wise to limit just how much you share, millennials often understand personal branding in a way other generations could learn from.

To learn how you can update your job search learning from Millennials, read my entire Memphis Daily News column here.


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