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Here’s a fun posting for Friday!

LOEB Properties is seeking an Events Coordinator in Memphis, TN.

This person will have the overall responsibility for the coordination and project management of public events at Overton Square (and other properties as needed).


A. Coordinate public events within Overton Square.

B. While the venue is available through Loeb Properties, we do intend to produce events ourselves or assume liability and/or cost for public events. This role will involve a heavy amount of research to identify potential organizations who might host public events in Overton Square, prospecting for those potential users, negotiation with such users, and coordination of actual events.

C. Work with the potential users to obtain all appropriate agreements, licenses, insurance certificates and permits in support of all Overton Square public events.

D. Assist in the cross-promotion of the various theaters, restaurants, retailers and service providers in Overton Square to maximize community impact through public events.

E. Seek out opportunities to include the merchants of Overton Square to participate in public events.

F. Develop partnerships with potential groups who can host/sponsor special events at Overton Square.

G. Coordinate with artist and arts groups to host periodic performances and events at Overton Square.

H. Assume other responsibilities as assigned from time-to-time by the Senior Vice President, President or Executive Vice President.

I. Review completed performances to discuss and resolve any problem areas.

J. Help maintain at all times management’s direction designed to develop loyalty, integrity, team spirit, high moral value, and a unity of all Loeb Properties personnel.

To learn more, or to apply online, visit the LOEB Properties posting here.

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