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ServiceMaster is seeking a Manager of IT Process in Memphis, TN.

This person is responsible for all aspects of process documentation and the maintenance and administration of other required support documentation. Also responsible for measuring and reporting compliance and operational performance as procedures are modified.

1. Oversee the design, implementation, validation, training, maintenance and continuous improvement of detailed processes and procedures.
2. Ensure procedures are aligned with legal and regulatory requirements, SVM policies, IT standard and other procedures, as well as SVM’s and IT’s stated objectives.
3. Implement processes to trigger reviews/revisions of documentation as related governing documents or services are changed.
4. Ensure documentation requirements, templates and review procedures are clearly defined, standardized, centrally located, and available to SVM employees and contractors.
5. Confirm that each process/procedure includes a methodology for verifying continuous compliance, measuring and reporting performance, and defining any applicable SLA/OLA requirements and/or calculations.
6. Participate in other IT processes (Change Management, SDLC, Production Readiness, Security Audits, etc.) to ensure required documentation has been approved and transitioned to the support teams.
7. Serve as the primary contact for audit requests
8. Lead or participate in remediation initiatives or other projects
9. Develop and standardize frequently performed services so they can be easily requested and consistently executed and measured

To learn more, or to apply online, visit the ServiceMaster posting here.

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