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My latest Memphis Daily News column is out, “When Education Falls Short.” In it, I discuss what to do if you feel your college degree is holding you back.

One of the chief complaints I hear from job seekers is that their lousy college education is to blame for their poor career success. Whether they went to the wrong school or got the wrong degree, the person wishes they could turn back time. They consider going back to school as a road to success.

Although I empathize with a college degree you may never use in your full time job (I once studied to be a computer programmer), the answer does not lie at the feet of your university. There are exceptions to this rule, of course. Professions like law, medicine and engineering require years of training and specialized advanced degrees.

But, if you’re not in one of these highly specialized jobs, there’s hope! First, know that most people aren’t using their expensive degrees in the way they thought they would when they were 20. It’s not just you. Think of a friend whose career you admire and ask them what they studied. At least half of the time, you’ll be surprised.

To learn what to do to deal with your less than perfect college degree, read my entire Memphis Daily News column here.


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