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Hilton Hotels is searching for a Director of Product Improvement in Memphis, TN.

The Director of Product Improvement will be manage and execute the PIP process for all Luxury, Lifestyle and Full Service brand conversions working closely with Development, Brand Teams, and PQI to bring hotels into the Hilton Worldwide franchise system.

Responsibilities include:

  • Prepare PIP reports, PreEvaluation reports and review with Architecture & Construction Vice President, PQI, and Development as needed
  •  Revise and maintain all PIP templates
  • Revise and maintain PIP and/or PreEval request forms
  • Update and maintain PIP tracking site
  • Update and maintain PIP files
  •  Execute seventy to seventy-five (70 to 75) PIPs and PreEvaluations annually
  • Produce PrePIP reports within two (2) days following request from Development, including review by Architecture & Construction Vice President unless traveling to conduct a PIP
  • Complete PIP inspection within seven to fifteen (7 to 15) days following request from Development
  • Complete PIP report and send to PQI within three business days following the inspection
  • Continually update PIP tracking information system
  • Travel as necessary to accomplish the goals for the position and meet the needs of Development while managing travel expenses within company guidelines and maximizing travel efficiencies
  •  Must be self-sufficient with limited administrative assistance provided by department Administrative Assistant

To learn more, or to apply online, visit the Hilton posting here.


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